Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Neon Invasion Run happen last year is December 2013 and this is my second run. I was very amaze with their marketing strategies, the number of sponsors in the pub-mats they have and cool racekits, So I decided to participate in this event especially this run was a cause for the maintenance of the QCMC. 

1. Claiming of the racekit is on the event area. How sad because the event will start already pero ang haba haba pa ng pila.
2. Ang daming tao.
3. The venue is very alive and fun.
4. The race is already started and by the trend of wave runners because the amount of people.
5. minimum martial therefore the race distance was not followed.
6. Many people was disappointed, others do not run, some do not finish the course and the worst part is almost the runners shouted BOOOO and Refund Refund.

In this event I meet one person that time, we met in a queue at a booth. He says he should be with his GF but due to busy schedule excluded it. Because we both decided we had nothing with which we will be running buddy that time. on the event, there is a free beer for everyone, because we are both not happy to the run we just take advantage to drink the free beer.