Friday, April 10, 2015


Are you ready to brace the most challenging race in our country-Urban Guerilla Race.
This will be my first time to run on this event and also my first run this year that will be happening April 12, 2015 at the Ninoy Aquino Wildlife at Quezon City.

The most important thing in joining on this event is because this will be a beneficiary run
to support the H.E.R.O. Foundation by donating a part of the registration fees to assist the education of the orphans of our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the service to the country. I know this race will be close for my hearts or your especially I have lots of friends, family who had also been in the service in protecting our country. Ask says by Lt. Col. Bumanglag. 

“The government can only do so much and we, as citizens, should also make an effort to help the families of these brave soldiers who defended our country without second thoughts.”

But Before that, let me remind you from some important rules for this event check this for the RACE RULE BOOK
Read it carefully para walang reklamo!

   My TRD mates marshals! Be ready and beware : ) 
We are ready to conquer the Guerilla Race

I accept the challenge to be the toughest Guerilla warrior and I am excited.
see you guys and more post for this race experience : )