Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The time is come and everyone is getting ready to escape from their crazy busy days or tight schedules. And that is the reason why, I am excited to have fabulous summer 2015.
Oh summer, why do I love summer? I love summer because of these reasons.

GOING TO THE BEACH I am always excited to go to the beach to have fun, relax and unwind myself.

TANNING I wanted to be moreno and getting brown skin. The reason why it makes me hotter.    

SHOW SOME SKIN for me this is the best time to show some skin and to be proud on from your hardwork and motivation to have a fit body.

PLAYING IN THE BEACH SAND even though I am old I still love playing in the beach sand and making sand castle.

WATER SPORTS I am avid fan of diving, snorkeling and more adventurous water sports

PINOY HALO-HALO I Love summer because of the halo-halo, this is the best way to cooling down the summer heat. 
Summer yummy!

FAMILY FOOD TRIP summer is the perfect time for making barbecues, desserts, fruities and do a buddle food fight sa dahon ng saging with your love ones.

SUMMER RUNNING EVENTS summer in the Philippines is one of my waiting months in a year, because there are a lot of cool colorful summer running events to keep me fit and to run with my friends, family and running teams.

SUMMER OOTD I really love summer ootd because of cool and colorful printed or floral tanks, shirts, shorts or apparel. 

BAZAARS every summer is the best time for me in going to different bazaar, because I really love the items that they sell on their booth.

BIKE TRIPS this is the best time, to have fun and long road trip with my friends and family.

TREKKING this is the best time to go hike and explore the beauties of our own mountains.

SUMMER PARTIES I love to party and the best party for me is going to the beach party.

NEW FRIENDS I am able to meet new people that bring fun and wonderful excitement memories to share in my summer escapade.

SUNGLASSES this is the best summer gear for me and I really love to wear it all the time.

CAMPING & BONFIRE I am a fan of camping especially I enjoyed the nature view, making bonfire; sharing stories with friends, singing, playing games, cooking marshmallows and the best part of this I love staring the beautiful night sky.

FEISTA summer is nothing without the colorful festival of different provinces or places. summer will be happy with this colorful banderitas and more.

EDUCATIONAL TRIPS Philippines have a lots wonderful place to be amaze and lot of lessons to learn that will help us increase our perspective about the diversity of our own county.

HOLY WEEK for me summer is best way also to reconcile and reflect from all of our sins and this is the best time also to be thankful to all the blessing that we get. 

And the best reason why I really love summer is because of BEING FREE & GETTING SMILE this is the time that I get myself a peaceful time and to feel happy without worries for tomorrow.

This is the reasons why I LOVE SUMMER!