Wednesday, April 29, 2015


You will not enjoy your summer if you don't go in any beaches here in the Philippines.
Puerto Galera is a municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, this town is a well known among tourist because of its wonderful beaches, snorkeling and scuba diving spots. This town also listed by the Club of the most Beautiful Bays of the world, and this is the only bay in the Philippines to be listed and Puerto Galera also one of the most popular destination to visit in the Philippines.

Puerto Galera is among the top diving destination in the Philippines who visited by famous divers, tourist and local divers. There are more than thirty diving sites all within a 5 to 10 minutes ride from Sabang Beach or 15 minutes rides from White Beach. Marine life is highly diverse in Puerto Galera, over 180+ species are found in the area and lots of species of fish can be seen here.
This is my first time to travel at Puerto Galera (4/16-18/2015), so I don't have any idea on what this place can cater to me on this trip. My Friends told me (base on the experience and knowledge lol!) Among the famous beaches in Puerto Galera, Sabang and White Beach is the most visited place in the town, it also have first class or economy class accommodation, and if you like to go beach party, Puerto Galera can cater you nightlife party with numerous bars and restaurants in the area.
I wish I have my own Yacht!
The place really amaze me, getting closer to White Beach Puerto Galera
Finally we arrive at Puerto Galera!
Upon arriving at Puerto Galera, we are fetch by one of the staff of La Solana to bring us in the resort. Me and my friends stay at La Solana Suites and Resorts, when I see the place I really love the theme, the ambiance, first class service and a very hospitable staff. 
My First Picture at Puerto Galera
Because a very tiring day 1 going to Puerto Galera and we are almost hungry we decided to eat our brunch at Terminal bbq, ribs, subs and more fast food located near at Terminal Station-Beach Front. This fast food chain caters good tummy foods and the best part of it is unlimited rice for big guys like us.  
After we eat, we decided to go back at the resort to take a nap-time so that we will enjoy our afternoon get away at the beach front of Puerto Galera. . .
After our nap in the resort we go to beach front to witness the beauty of Puerto Galera especially the sunset. You will love also the huge landscape mountain ranges, behind the Puerto Galera beaches.
Try also Different water activities/sports that you will enjoy and love
Machete of Puerto Galera Sunset
Need to pamper your body, you can also try affordable massage from this ladies in scrub suit uniform at the sea front. I tried this and I assure you that you will enjoy this and your body will get relax.
My 2 night life in Puerto Galera is amazing, after a great fight of dinner I really enjoy the party, drinks, fire dance show, bar show, cool an funny performers, music, meet new friends and etc. 
Bulalo House Restaurant and Bar located in the back highway of White Beach
Are you looking for accommodation in Puerto Galera, here are some place that you can try at your stay ate Puerto Galera.

Do you own a tent and wanna try the outdoor view. Puerto Galera also offers camping site for all wanna try outdoor stay.
Tamaraw Beach Resort is located at Brgy. Aninuan Puerto Galera. This is a three star hotel facility that offers a safe, convenient , and relaxing place to stay while enjoying the beautiful sights and sea of the area. The hotel brings a modern convenience hotel theme and if you are looking for conference rooms, holiday events, occasions venue and more. You may check this hotel.


Sun Set Beach Resort is located also at Brgy. Aninuan Puerto Galera is a peaceful oasis. It consist of 17 rooms, each is having its own balcony with amazing sea view. The resort is awarded Excellence Award by TripAdvisor

Marco Vincent Resort is located at White Beach Puerto Galera. A serene and beautiful cove found in Puerto  Galera. It is approximately 100 meters from shore, an exclusive retreat where you can explore the numerous natural attractions and a myriad of both land based and aqua sports activities.

There is lots of resort in Puerto Galera and also house or room for rent for those travelers with low budget, but guys I also assure you that this houses or rooms is safe and clean to stay.

Puerto Galera is a approximately 100 miles from manila. The travel hours to Puerto Galera is take 3 hours by bus and ferry.

1. Via Public Transfer - you can go to any bus terminal in Metro Manila like Taft Avenue cor Gil Puyat Avenue Pasay, in Cubao Quezon City, Edsa cor Kamias St. Quezon City or in Alabang Terminal. It will take 2 hours going to Batangas Pier.
2.  Once you arrive in the Batangas Pier, now its time to buy ticket that will bring you in Sabang, White Beach and Maulle Pier. There are many shipping companies plying to Batangas-Puerto Galera route. It will take 1 to 1:30 hour going to the pier.

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