Friday, June 26, 2015


Every man in this world is fascinating to try or to own a real gun, and I am agree on that! So let me share you something about my first-time experience and my new adventure as I go BANG BANG INTO THE ROOM.

I was invited to visit and try a session of indoor shooting/firing at STRONGHAND Shooting & Non-toxic Range located at 1660 La Defense Bldg. E.Rodriguez St. Avenue Cubao, Quezon City. Once you enter the premises, you will walk going down where the shooting range is located and will be assist by the friendly staff. 

This is my very first-time to go in a shooting range and my first-time to do it. Base on my observation I really like the venue of the place, very pleasing to my eyes, organize, quite and a perfect place also to chilax. This underground shooting range will not make you bored because of the nice ambiance and also you can dine-in also at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang mini resto if you are starving or just want to have coffee break. 

Once you enter the premises, the staff will assist you and they will ask you for your identification card (VALID  ID/GOVERNMENT ID) take note that government ID is the most important identification card for them. After you registered if you are a beginner or you will buy a gun you are required to take a seminar seminar first for more knowledge about using the gun.

Here are some of my take notes during the seminar

- If you hold a gun, you should consider every gun is loaded.
- Never let the muzzle of the gun pointed to others
- Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are ready to fire.
- Be sure of your target and what lies beyond and around it, before you shoot.

After the seminar, its time to me to apply all the things that I learned from the seminar, I was very excited and nervous on that time. Sabi ko nga takot ako magkamali, lalo na baka accidentally ko ito maiputok kung saan. You know the weird feeling from being scared you don't know what will you do and many thoughts pops-up in your mind hahahaha.
My Bang-Bang: 9mm HS Pistols

Filling the bullets in the Gun Magazine is so very hard, but its normal and sabi nga nila masasanay kadin. So I made it I put 10 bullets for my first round of shooting.

You will love also the view inside the shooting range

Cubicle 10 is my place. . . ready to fire some bullets LOL!

The best thing in this shooting range 
It is TOXIC-FREE shooting range and good to your health

A toxic-free shooting range is the absence of 4 health threatening heavy metals found in common bullets. It also means a good ventilation and constant purification of indoor air.

Air ventilation in the range is powered by 6 turbine air exchanger.  From the little that the turbines can’t pick up, 6 HEPA filters units with photo catalytic oxidation feature are placed in the beginning to end of the firing line to sanitize air left behind. HEPA removes  99.97% of airborne particles and photo catalytic lights sanitizes microbacterial agents. This set up allows air conditioning the entire range with cool clean air.

Stronghand Shooting Range’s toxic-free bullets are formulated to perform at best, without leaving heavy metal residue in the air. The heads are fully covered with copper, using only Vihta Vuori Smokeless Powder and Russo non-toxic primers (an exclusive to Stronghand Shooting Range); this means no air-borne lead, no sulphur dioxide, no barium oxide, no antimony oxide. These heavy metals leaves a funny taste on the throat after spending a few rounds, and a slight headache after a shooting session - the most common discomfort caused by a poorly ventilated indoor range.


After my first round of shooting. finally I enjoy it and no worries at all. Lakas ko nga makachamba tatlong Alpha! All I can say is thank you so much STRONGHAND SHOOTING RANGE for this great experience. So guys what are you waiting for, if you want to try this cool adventure here is the link for more details 

or you can call them also at (02) 721-7174 (0927) 424-3866

SELFIE TIME hahaha feeling ano lang ea! : )