Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It was a very successful Running Event of "Milo Marathon Manila 2015" last Sunday (7/26/2015) with lots of participants who crossed the finish line happily, but the running community turns sad and giving all the prayers to the family of one of our fellow runner who just passed away on the same date. Base to the story who witnessed this, Mr. Marvic fell on his feet slowly just a few hundred meters before the 21KM finish line. The medics respond and CPR'd him, but still he remained unconscious even he was placed inside the ambulance as he bring to the hospital.

This is a very sad news to the running community and to me. Hindi ko maisip na sa ganitong paraan dapat mag-wakas ang isang buhay. I don't know personally Mr. Marvic but my heart felt down for him and to his family. I know their is a reason why this is happen. Kung nasaan ka naman Sir Marvic I wish and pray you have a happy trip to heaven,enjoy and keep running.

To the organizer of this event and to the company, I wish that na sana you give your condolences and support to this runner especially to the family. I know your event is successful, hopefully you know what I mean

To my readers, fellow runners and friends, LET US PRAY FOR THE SOUL of Mr. Marvic Millton Reyes, 28 y/o from Navotas City Philippines.

Once again my deepest sympathy to the Reyes Family and Prayers to your Yok!