Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I was very thankful because I was invited to the Axe Black Party of Victor Basa one of the Axe Philippines Ambassadors. This Is experience is wonderful because I was able to go on this event. 

I like the venue of this event and the theme of it, on the main floor you will like the camp side theme

At the second floor of the event area you will like the casual mini bar theme.

And the most favorite theme on this event is located at the third floor, because you will be amaze to the neon color theme of the room with strings.

The food is super delicious Kahit nakakabitin I enjoy it kasi sobrang sarap and also enjoy the drinks.

This is my first time to see Victor Basa closely and some of the celebrity guest on this event such.

But this experience make me disappointed in some reasons
1. If your looks is not familiar or outfit is not SUPER GARBO bali wala ka lang sa photographer ng mismong event na iyon.
2. I see that most of the invited guest on this party is famous person in showbiz, business and more. So how I will meet new people as what he said on this video if more of his guest is blah blah blah alam muna mga sikat, mukhang ang hirap makipag-usap kasi mga sosyalin, tapos if hindi ka kilala na tao baka ma pa WHO YOU pa sila. You know that feeling that you been OUTCAST on this event.

Hopefully if there is an upcoming event like this sana maging open ito to the public or mag invited sila ng mas marami na ordinary na tao, kasi base on my experience na OP lang ako at na bored so I decided na hindi ito tapusin. : )

But  once again thank you AXE for this wonderful experience and good job!