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Tosot stands for technology, outstanding, sharing, originality and taste that will satisfy your need for a better living and relaxing time. 

Last Saturday October 10, 2015 is the launching of Tosot Philippines Corporation and I am so very grateful to know the amazing benefits of this product to our health, for the conservation of our environment and the most touching part of it is this company giving scholarship as part of their social responsibility and giving back all the blessing they receive as they providing free scholarship for the Don Bosco School. And for me this is totally amazing!

Our country Philippines suffer tropical heat, many of us will have a chance o further improve their quality of life as the new player in the air-conditioning industry, Tosot - brings the latest cooling and inverter technology to every modern Filipino home. This is cooltastic!

Tosot Philippines Corporation is the exclusive importer and distributor of Tosot products in the country. It was founded last January 2015, the company aims to improve our life through innovative air-conditioning system.

Mr. Peng Hong of Gree Electric Appliances from Zhuhai, China shares with the media some of Tosot's innovative product developments.

According to Balete, the company adheres to global standards to create only quality products for homes and businesses through their team of capable engineers and state-of-the-art laboratories that ensure the production of Tosot air conditioning appliances that complement and elevate customers' lives.

"Our work primarily focuses on making lives more comfortable at no expense to the nature. For every product we create, we think about how it will impact the environment," Balete added.

As a premium brand, Tosot's product lines are made using the best technology available today. The company strives to create a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle where its clients are.

"The people behind Tosot have worked hand-in-hand over two decades to bring the most innovative appliances possible in order to foster a lifestyle that's not only sees to you and your family's comfort and convenience but also the health and well-being of the environment, "Balete said.

Tosot Store: 2162 F.B. Harrison Street Pasay City

Tosot prides itself by using R-32 & R-410A Refrigerants in its air-conditioning units. These special refrigerants do not contribute to ozone depletion, and allow for  lower power consumption and less impact on global warming. Tosot also uses the inventer air-conditioning system that consumes less electricity compared to conventional air conditioning units. This means less energy, reduced production costs, and environment-friendly business.

Tosot, a premium brand of Gree, the biggest manufacturer of air conditioners in the world, has eight production bases strategically located worldwide: Brazil Pakistan, Vietnam, and cities in China hat include Zhuhai, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, and Wuhan. Its company has a astounding annual production capacity of 60 million units of residential AC and 5.5 million unis of commercial AC.

Tosot brand was also first introduced in 2003 and distributed globally in Italy, Canada, Hongkong, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, China, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Israel and Turkey.


Good partners in comfort and well-being
Tosot has also partnered with various institutions to effectively improve the quality of life of Filipinos, and also to bring not only comfort but a great deal of satisfaction in your living. students-trainees for a five month training program. In turn, Tosot Philippines provides scholarships to these trainees as part of their corporate social responsibility.

One of its partners is Don Bosco Technical Institute where Tosot Philippines gets students-trainees for a five-month training program. In turn, Tosot Philippines provides scholarship to these trainees as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Tosot Philippines also works with TUV Rheiland Philippines in ensuring that all Tosot products comply with the Philippine National Standard.

Apart from its showroom, Tosot Philippines has also partnered with in promoting and selling of Tosot products online.

The Tosot Lifestyle
Innovative technology with a harmonious blend of sustainability, energy efficiency, and stylish design - these qualities are at the heart  of the Tosot Lifestyle, which each tosot product imparts in everyday living of its clients.

The Tosot Home
Preserve the peace and quiet in household with powerful but  efficient cooling systems that make use of noise-free inverter compressors.The Tosot appliances are also equipped with the latest solar hybrid technology,which means lower electricity bills and positive environment  impact.

The Tosot Enterprise
Increase workplace productivity by setting up a stylish and efficient work environment. With Tosot's cutting edge technology and design, office space  exudes the perfect ambiancewhere employees can thrive and prosper. The inverter technology saves by 20 to 30 percent in power consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Tosot Philippines Corporation
It is a exclisive importer and distributor of Tosot products in the country. It  was founded in January 2015, this company aims to improve the quality of life through innovative AC system. the company work  focuses in the primary goal of making lives more comfortable at no expense to nature. As what they said: every product they create, we think about how it will impact the environment.

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Thank you for the wonderful experience Tosot Philippines and inviting me to be part of your product launch. This experience give me more knowledge how great and innovative is your products. So guys what are you waiting for Visit Tosot store and lets enjoy life in a very comfortable living that will suits your taste and budget.. 

Thank you and Photo-credit to: Tosot FB Page