Sunday, June 19, 2016


This is my first time to visit and have an amazing tour in the beautiful and historical province of San Miguel Bulacan. The team "LAKBAY PAMANA" first stop is a breakfast buffet food trip in Arki's Tambayan at Scuala Street San Miguel Bulacan. I am so happy and excited for this experience because I knew it will make my tummy happy and full.

Here is the reason why you should visit Arki's Tambayan when you visit San Miguel Bulacan.

Great Tambayan 
This restaurant is a great tambayan, a place to eat, and a perfect bonding place with your friends or family. I like the Modern and simplicity of this place. 


Friendly & Very Hospitable
I am glad to meet the team of this restaurant and especially Ms. Kat. They are so nice to us! : )

This amazing Tambayan "restaurant" is owned by Ms. Kat Garcia and his husband Mr. Ervin Garcia.

Creative Menu List
For me this wall menu concept is amazing. I am sure you will love to take pictures of it.

It is Cheaper 
When you dine in this restaurant, I will assure to you guys that your money is very worth it and your tummy will be happy also. Budget Friendly!

Delicious & Arki'smazing Foods
Our group, especially me enjoy the breakfast buffet that serve to us. And I can say that all of the food that serve to us is superbly delicious and very good food presentation.

Our food is consists of Fried Rice with egg, Sunny side-up, Fried Galunggong "Tinapa version", Mustasa, Skinless Longganisa, For dessert fried banana and your choice of hot coffee and chocolate drink.

Sunny Side-up
Fried Banana
Skinless Longganisa
Fried Galunggong "Tinapa Version"
Fried Rice with Egg
Healthy Mustasa
Chocolate Drink by Swiss Miss

We really enjoy our meal THUMBS UP!

So when you visit San Miguel, Bulacan, here is the Arki'sTambayan Address - 0034 Scuala St., San Juan, San Miguel Bulacan. They are open everyday from 10:00 am to 09:00 pm.

For booking and reservation, you can contact them at
09178009270/09358891003/(004) 3270388 
or message them (dont forget to follow) at 
FB page Arki's Tambayan