Thursday, April 6, 2017


Summer is already here and everyone is excited to swim and do some adventurous activities under the shining sun. But how do you know that your sunscreen product is safe and protects you against the harmful sun UV rays.

Since we are child our parents always told us “wear you sunscreen lotion before you go outside! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen honey before you swim! or Do not play too much under the sun baby! The sunscreen will protect us from sunburn, wrinkles, and skin cancer.

The Belo Sun Expert products is one of the best product that I use in more than 4 years this sunscreen is my outdoor buddy / summer buddy.

Belo Sun Expert is my ultimate sunscreen companion because it was formulated sun care products to protect me from sun, It is effectively provides broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays, this product has cell protect formula that strengthens the skins defense system while its preventing premature skin aging, it makes my skin look younger, and last I have no worries about skin problem during my summer activities.

Belo Essentials Sun Experts comes in two variants: face cover SPF40 and the body shield SPF60. 

For me this products really work for my skin and they smell really good and it is not sticky at all! You will love this product because it is made for our hot and humid climate and really make your skin look younger.

I promised to you will enjoy your summer get away like me I enjoy my first summer trip at Splash Island with no worries at all!

 So what are you waiting for go to your favorite Super Malls, Belo Clinic and get the Belo Sun Expert products or you can visit SAMPLE ROOM to how you will be part of this community.