Saturday, April 4, 2015


This my First time to go at Lake Sebu - is one of the peaceful province of South Cotabato.
This province is inhabited mostly by the friendly T'bilo people, an indigenous tribe/group known for their rich culture and amazing traditional tapestry. This Tribe lives in the environment around the Lake Sebu and 100000 to 150000 T'bilo population estimated. 

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The Lake is considered as a significant watershed of the province/country and important source of living, like fish growing especially for big tilapia and more.


Going to Lake Sebu will be a long drive of adventure.
How to get to Lake Sebu: 
  • From Manila you can fly to Gensan Airport (General Santos City Airport) via airplane.
  • From Gensan proper , ride a tricyle or cab to take you at the bus station terminal and take a bus that will bound to Koronadal, Marbel.
  • From Koronadal, Marbel bus station, take again a bus going to Surallah.
  • Once you arrive at Surallah's terminal, find a van or jeep that bound for Lake Sebu.

Stop over going to 7 Falls of Lake Sebu
Once you arrived Lake Sebu, now it's time you will enjoy the beautiful nature of the forest and 7 Falls.

The Main Attraction of Lake Sebu is the seven falls- they are Hikong Alo, Hikong Bente, Hikong B'Lebel, Hikong Lowig, Hikong Ukol, K'Fo and Hikong Tonok  are the names of a T'boli.

You can go  the seven falls by trekking/falls hopping or to see it all you can do zipline. 

If you wanted to swim in the falls you can go down via stares/road or the breath taking zipline of Lake Sebu. According to the date I get from our tour guide and online information the Lake Sebu zipline is one of the highest  in the South East Asia at 180 meters (600- 700 ft) high and has long long zipline of 740 meters (1st leg-40 seconds travel) and 420 meters (2nd leg-20 seconds travel) that I encountered and you will enjoy so much the spectacular view of the falls, forest, rivers and more while you zipping through the lines. Actually this my first time to do zipping (nagdadalawang isip pa ako if sasakay ako, kasi una takot ako sa mataas na lugar, pangalawa ang dami ko iniisip kung paano naputol ang line or iyong sinasakyan ko edi patay ako) I hesitated if I will ride, because I was afraid to super duper heights  and I am over thinking how if I going to die because the line is cut or I accidentally fall. Lol how weird and funny my reasons, but for the sake of experience and fun, I still try to zip with over over praying hahaha! By the way, zipping in lake sebu had a fee of 200 and depends also in season.

Beautiful T'boli statue waiting for you in the zipline starting point

Second leg of zipping the view of this mountain is amazing and you will love the landscape view of the mountains.

You can also check this video of Mr. Jeremy.
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After a breathtaking zipping, now its time to swim in the Ice cold water of the falls and relax with my Pagulong family.

You can rent also bamboo cottages in this area, put tents, picnic and do a barbecue. Lake Sebu have also cheap or class hotels, souvenir shops, restaurant and full security staff.