Friday, April 3, 2015


Are you ready for Summer escapade? 
I know some of us are ready and excited. 

Let me share with you the hidden beauty of Bataan. Did you know the Limutan/Ambon-Ambon Falls of Bagac Bataan? Hmpf "Ambon-Ambon Falls" I know some of us are not familiar about this falls and some of us will be confused because of the same name of Ambon-Ambon Falls at Laurel, Batangas. To be honest, I am totally confused because I know the Ambon-Ambon Falls is located in Batangas as I mentioned before. But let me clear that Bagac Bataan has also Ambon-Ambon Falls.
Ambon-Ambon falls is located at Brgy. Binukawan, Bagac, Bataan and the towering height is 60 meters. 
You can reach the falls by trekking about 10 km away from the main road of Bagac, approximately 1 to 2  hours. 

But take note that you or your group should register first at the Brgy. Hall of Binukawan and pay for the entrance fee of 15.00 pesos only and they also offer a tour guide for the price of 300+ pesos.

I promised you guys that you will enjoy the landscape view of the mountain, and once you are there you will love the falls and the running ice-cold water.

I went to Ambon-Ambon Falls with my TRD running group. We all enjoy and love the place!

I trek barefooted 

TIPS: Wear the lightest and comfortable clothes, use sunblock, bring sunglasses, umbrella, lots of water and bring food.


Better new access and accessible to go to Bataan, from Manila via the NLEX, enter the province of Pampanga first via  San Fernando. You will enter the province of Bataan via Dinalupihan, which 101 km away from Manila. From there, Balanga City-the capital of the province is around 20 km away. If you are taking only public vehicles once you are in Balanga, don't be afraid because there is mini-buses and jeepneys service that transporting in every barangay of Bataan.

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Special Thanks to Teacher Amie for some pics and TRD Family!