Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The booming of food industry here in our country will rally you to try them and it will make you burp for happiness. 

This is my first time to eat at Skull & Bones University Comfort Food from the makers of the Bowery, Nolita, Les Bagels and Borough. It's located at second floor UP Town Center Katipunan Ave. Quezon City.

When I enter and check the place it really makes me miss my school year time from the nice interior, the books, a locker, sports equipment, trophies and more. Very unique interior.

Are you hungry to try something new so here are some foods that Skull & Bones cater and student friendly food like Burritos, Burgers, Dogs, Ramen and more.

The Dirty South, Cowabunga dude and The Godzilla Dog.

The Macgruber-ger, The Blue Palasky and The Pineapple Express

The Alpha Dog, Chicken Tenders Rice Combo, and The Super Mario Cool name lol!
and more delicious food to explore

I order Grilled Cheese Burger - to be honest when i see my order I am little bit disappointed because I thought it will be serve in real burger patty. hahaha!
But still I enjoy my Grilled Cheese Burger in a special bread patty lol!

Dessert Time. . . After a watering food fight, now its time to try some desserts and pastries with everything made by the in house chef.

I know college life or even working really makes us no time to chill or go out because of our busy busy busy schedules. So try and visit this store because they also have different side trip pakulo, live bands and more to make your day with your hangouts buddies, peers or office mates very remarkable and enjoyable.

Girls you better need to bring one. . . Find out and be amaze to insert your reflection!

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The place and food is student friendly and it really brings them on the university comfort zone. (suggestions only) sana maging student friendly or packet friendly din ang food nila!

Photo Credits and Thank you to Skull & Bones FB/IG pictures.