Monday, July 27, 2015


One of the most advertised product today is the skin soap products that treat or help us to have a flawless complexion, light skin-tone and more. But some of is having a dilemma in using different product brands that can cause skin irritation because of the ingredient content of it.

The products from Mir & Ryvi brings to you the best beauty care products that are naturally formulated and proven safe and effective. This amazing products will be your best partner in helping you to have your desired flawless skin and thinking with no hesitation at all.

Acne-Cleansing Tomato Soap is a combination of organically grown tomato from Laguna Philippines and it was a certified organic anti-acne actives from the rainforest Amazon-gives you a soap that is rich in lycopene, flavonoids, essential fatty acids and beta-caryophyllene. Clinical tests of our anti-acne actives alone have resulted in skin that is less oily, more matte and cleaner after eight weeks of consistency use. If you are allergic to common acne cleansing bar that have Benzoyl peroxide, Erythromycin or Salicylic acids, this bar soap is the perfect natural alternative for you.

Skin Lightening Papa Soap is naturally helps make a fairer skin. Papaya enzyme work as exfoliator. The mulberry extract, sourced from Jeju Island, has been clinically proven and effective in inhibiting the tyrosinase activity on the skin. Tyrosinase activity is responsible for melanin production that in turn darkens skin. The mulberry extract is highgly potent yet very gentle. This bar soap is naturally makes skin fairer without any side effects of hydroquinone.

Using this skin product I see changes in my skin in just few days with no skin irritation or redness that happen to me. So let see the great changes and effect of this soap after few months of using this. Best luck for me!

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