Wednesday, September 9, 2015


We all knew that Filipinos are super matipid in different ways and aspect in life. But think about this how if one day there will be no energy sources in our home, roads or the entire country, how are you going to survive this problem in your life.

CDR-KING your one-stop media provider is proudly introduce its own version of solar outdoor powered light. Using this kind pf technology or solar powered light can be a lifesaver when outdoor outlets are not available or imagine this during night time back wherein the streets or even roads are in complete darkness and the only source of light comes from the moon and stars. To be honest and in the reality up until now there are areas in our country like provinces are still have no decent streets light/s.

Lucky are those in the urban community as Local governments found it imperative to come up with projects that involves improvement of lamppost. Stand-alone business offices and even residential communities also contributes to lighting up the community at night with their fence and yard lights.

These lights gives security to the community as it acts as hindrance for lurking culprits who are always waiting for the perfect time to strike.

This Solar Powered outdoor light/s is a environment friendly technology that requires only 6-hours solar charging and can give hours of light usage throughout the night.                            

This technology aims to save you a lot from your electricity bill and pushes for the usage of solar energy.

CDR-King Solar Powered outdoor light features:
·         Solar Panel: 15V/15W
·         Lithium Battery: 37Vah
·         LED Power: 4W
·         LED Drive Current: 220mA/pc
·         Static Power: 0.064W (MIcrowave induction)
·         Detection angle: 140'360
·         Number of lights: 6pcs
·         Lumen Value: 600-720lm
·         LED chip: Bridgelux
·         Color Temperature: 3000-6500K
·         CRI: 75Ra
·         Light Control Voltage: 3V
·         Sensor Area: 1- meters
·         Charging Time: 6 hours
·         Working Time: 3 rainy days
·         Working Temperature: -20 degree - 60 degree
·         Lifetime: 5000 hours

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