Sunday, November 29, 2015


Christmas is just around the corner and we all wanted or hoping to have a wonderful celebration this holiday season. This coming season us Filipinos is constantly looking forward for the fun and excitement of different parties to attend. However, these things can be lead us to holiday stress such as busy schedule, beating the deadline before the Christmas break, Christmas shopping, thinking for what clothes to wear in the party, choosing the best gift for your exchange gift and most likely to your special someone, and what food to prepare for the Christmas eve. These can bring us to a holiday fuss. Based on studies, stress has two different types the good one and the bad one. Good stress is something that motivates you. On the other hand, bad stress is a kind of stress that is not good to our health. One major result of stress is that it attacks your immune system. As a result, it can lead you to different kinds of infections. 

To minimize the effects of stress to our body, here are my 5 tips on how I can stay strong and healthy so that I am able to enjoy my holiday wonderful and stress proof:

1. Engage yourself with different physical activities - Workout and running. These activities can help you improve blood circulation and increase body metabolism to facilitate fast clearing of all body waste products. Exercise also helps in delivering the nutrients to our body and essentials substances that are necessary for the repair damaged tissues. Our body also produces endorphins – it’s our body’s natural anti-stress hormones. A key in having good mood, promotes relaxation and help to fight the effects of stress.

2. Healthy Foods - Eating healthy food is the best way to get all the necessary nutrients that our body needs. Especially also to load up our body by eating vegetables and fruits like citrus food, banana, broccoli, asparagus, almonds, milk and salmon. Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables is rich in antioxidants, necessary for beating stress.

3. Get enough sleep - Our body is like a working machine, and we need to take a rest so that it can function properly. Studies have shown that the ideal time to sleep is between 9:00 PM and 3:00 AM. Our body is programmed to repair at this period. 

4. Laughter - If you are stressed and go with, well negative people this will be lead to a more stressful life. If they flock together and they want to prove that the stress that they are experiencing is far beyond anyone else can tolerate, then it will only bring more stress to each one’s peer. Better to go opposite of this; go with people who has positive vibes, have good aspect in life. Have cheerful disposition in life because these type of persons who acknowledge stress, who can convert the challenge to good stress and focuses their energy in a brighter future.

5. Take Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) - A powerful antioxidant. Taking vitamin C like Fern C aids in repair damaged tissues that are caused by stress, increase resistance to infection diseases like bird flu, dengue and any viruses, and helps maintaining strong immune system. (sodium Ascorbic) Fern-C also is a tummy friendly vitamin C. It does not upset the stomach like a regular vitamin C.

Here’s a gift idea, put Fern - C on your Christmas List!
So that everybody will be happy, stronger and healthy!

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Have a healthy Holiday!
Merry Christmas : )