Friday, November 20, 2015


Life has lot's of amazing and wonderful moments to share that you will treasure forever, from simple things that happen to you and to the biggest achievement you receive from your journey. So what makes your world of wonder wonderful and amazing? These are some of the reason that makes my world amazing!


This cool brothers Phineas Flynn and his step brother Ferb Fetcher from The Phineas & Ferb television series is my favorite cartoon characters because I was trilled and love their world of wonder in their determination to make their summer vacation time more fun. They try to build a full-scale roller coaster, building a backyard beach, making great invention and more. It make my world wonderful because I was inspired to their story how this two make their life happy and fun, and inspired me that nothing is wrong if you make something or try something that makes your life wonderful as long you love what are you doing.


Mharj Tiamson is one of the real person that I ever meet. This woman make my world of wonderful because of her naturally wonder traits:

  • She is super caring to her staff or people
  • She fight the labor rights of her staff
  • Super friendly
  • Sweet
  • Easy going person
  • She have lots of humor
  • Sensitive
  • A perfect person to talk on and to share your problems
  • Lovable woman
  • A good sister and daughter 
  • and KALOG like me.
This is Mharj a person that I know who is strong and super nice. Being his friend I was inspired to her personality because I found out that what ever is your position in your life she is openly to be your friend and welcome you is her life.


James Reid and James Pulanco (Read) my twin brother from the wonderful world! How lucky to have captured a moment with this cool dude James, and this is my very first time to meet him up close. So what makes my world wonderful in this image, First,I am very fortunate to be invited at Century Tuna Abs Book's launching.I did not expect that I would be able to meet one of the inspiring and bright star of my generation. Second-Oh James Reid if you only knew the reaction of my friends when they see the pictures ang nasabi nalang nila ay AKO NA, SWERTE MO, and more. Third I was thankful to be part of this event and I can say that James Reid is super nice person.He is very accommodating and will try give chance to each and every fan to take a kodak moment with him. Good Job bro!

So what makes your life wonderful? So lets all be part of the Globe telecom World of Wonder and be part of this revolution to know the things that makes your life wonderful.

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