Saturday, July 30, 2016


This is my first time to visit the historical place of Biak na Bato and to be honest I don't know what to expect on this place. I am so excited on this trip with my Lakad Pamana Family.

Bulacan is one of the eight provinces that fight for independence of the country "Philippines" against the Spaniards colonization. This trip will take you back to the era where some of the historical events took place and this also the place where the katipuneros led by Emilio Aguinaldo use it as hideout, do their secret meetings and more.

Biak Na Bato National Park is extended by the great nearby municipalities of San Ildefonso and Dona Remedios Trinandad with a total 2117 hectares. The park was declared as National Park by President Manuel L. Quezon.

Biak na Bato National Park is a protected area and you will see lots of amazing and beautiful mountain landscape, caves, plants, system of rivers and more. This Eco-park is the best place for eco-adventure destination, bonding with friends and family and do some trekking fun. 

Lakad Pamana Team
We had a brief introduction conducted by the park tour guide. She answered all of our questions and she is so very friendly.



Biak na Bato National Park Map
We should consider and take note this principles of outdoor ethics.

Our team first destination is go to Aguinaldo Cave. This Cave serve as a secret meeting place for the katipuneros. And to be able to go inside, you should swim first.

After we visit the Aguinaldo its time for us to enjoy the view and eat our lunch in the picnic sheds of the park. 

Our food is serve by Arki's Tambayan Restaurant and I really love the foods that they prepared to us.   

After an amazing lunch our team next destination is go at Bahay Paniki Cave "house of bats". The way to the cave was really rocky and slippery trail  so use your rubber sandals or shoes and bring lots of water.

In our way to Bahay Paniki Cave this tree is one of the tallest and oldest tree in this park, this tree serve as a look out tower of katipuneros, so that they were able to see the all incoming visitors from the top of the tree.

We are almost near to Bahay Paniki Cave
When we arrived the cave I am so excited to go inside because this is my first time to visit a cave and check if i can see lots of batman and more great things to discover inside.

Inside the cave you can observed lots of rock formations, birds and bats flying and cold water. You can do also picnic inside the cave but be responsible enough to keep the place clean.

This is the way you need to experience before you go inside and going outside the cave.

Our next destination is to cross the river, see the oldest hanging bridge, see closer the front view of the Paniki Cave and see some cave in the park.

They call this Buhaya sa bato

This hanging bridge is to old to use, it was built in the year 1998 in the time of the former President Fidel Ramos and it was made as part of Philippines Centennial Celebration.

This is the front view of Paniki Cave. I am totally amaze on the view.

They say that the Pahingahan cave serve as a place where Katipuneros can spend time to relax and sleep. Base on my observation some stone formation is like chairs and small bed and so I think this is the reason why they called it Pahingan cave.


The next and last destination of our team is go to gazebo and Aguinaldo Mural Shrine. The gazebo or hall is can be use for team building, camp site, party venue and more.

This trip is so amazing, even though we not able to visit and see the place because it will take 2-3 days to see the entire park but still it makes my day happy. I wish I can visit this place again and I hope my experience will given you some insight in what to explore at Biak na Bato National Park. This place is totally rock and definitely the best location to visit the province.