Thursday, December 28, 2017



Playing mobile games in our smartphone or gadget is one of our best stress reliever this day, past time outlet when we are not busy, a perfect bonding time with family or friends and more. And now I am happy to share to all gamers out there that you should try all amazing games that I Gyeonggi Content Agency and Elite Games Inc. will bring to us.

Gyeonggi Content Agency, a provincial South Korean government agency that represents the Gyeonggi Province, has partnered with Elite Games Inc. to bring the best quality games from South Korea to the Southeast Asia. Elite games Inc., a premier service provider based in Seoul, South Korea, with regional operations based in the Philippines, introduced 4 new mobile games in Southeast Asia and promised to bring more amazing games especially for the increasing number of mobile platforms and for the demand for it.


Gyeonggi Content Agency and Elite Games Inc. also aim to foster relations, not just bringing in games from South Korea, but GCA also plans to tap into the local gaming market, and bring games from the country to South Korea.

According to Elite Games Managing Director Romulo Reyes, they are not just talking  indie game developers based in the Philippines, but are also in talks with some of the more well-known game developer schools. It’s a good news to us that Elite Games Inc. will help our aspiring mobile developer and creator, especially students, to expose and develop their creative skills in creating games, but also that of an all around experience for the students.

Here are the four free-to-play mobile games that I am sure you will enjoy.



Next Exit is a Simple Platformer Game for Android/Ios. The only goal in playing this game is to Save the Sausage from different obstacles and finish to the exit door.



Idle RPG can be played just by turning it on
As a way to grow your character with minimal manipulation
It is an RPG for users who want to enjoy RPG genre but do not enjoy games.

Fantasy Tales adds the gameplay that existing, non-existent RPGs do not have
It is a new concept-free RPG with simple, easy manipulation, growth, collection and strategy.

Reincarnation makes it easier to grow by returning the episode.

If you obtain the reincarnation stone, which is a material that can be obtained through reincarnation, you can raise the character,
Stronger characters through upgrades will help make the game easier.

Bonus based on the number of reincarnations makes it easier to receive resources.



Command the Velator campaign in this epic MMORPG to battle against the dreaded Immortals and save the realms of Shunhyte! 

Since their introduction to the world, the Immortals have destroyed the once-great Empire of Paragon, and now they seek to destroy the world. Summon mythical humans, cyborgs, angels, and other races to join the quest and claim dominance over your enemies. Join guilds, raids, and the Velator empire to utilize strategy in this brand new MMORPG game!




Easy and unique puzzle game
Familiar match 3 puzzle that anyone can play
Make more powerful special blocks by auto-combination between adjacent special desserts 
No need to match ‘special blocks’ to make boosters! Just move them up&down or left&right!
Double your scores in ‘Joy mode’ after completing the mission

Build your own ‘Planet’
Place the acquired landmarks from completing the mission in the puzzle 
Decorate your planet with stores, street stalls, ornaments, tiles and more
Make much more splendid through Upgrading buildings
Meet tourists in ethnic costumes and adorable pets
Worlds’ famous views in background on your planet

Plenty of enjoyments
More than 140 puzzle stages (additional updates are scheduled)
Planet & puzzle quests let you enjoy
Various mini-games (Find the tourists and landmarks, acquire gems and more) 
Earn in-game items through interacting with pets
Spin the Wheel of Fortune to get free items every day