Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Arla lovers I have great news for you! Be cheesy with the newest Arla Cheesy Spread.

From sweet desserts to savory stews and from fanciful feasts to mellow meriendas - Filipinos have a knack for finding a way to incorporate cheese into their dining table. While cheese blocks and slices hold a special place in the bellies of Pinoy diners, the ease and versatility that cheese spread gives makes it a winner in the hearts of countless consumers and I am proud to say that I am an  avid fun of eating cheese spread when I was a child until now.

Let’s #GetReal

What is real cheese spread? Simply put, real cheese spread should taste and look as delicious and as creamy as the milk it was made from. After all, the best cheeses are made from only the highest quality milk. So it makes sense that the great dairy farmers at Arla Foods - produces the world’s best milk and thanks for them we would also be able to taste this genuinely delicious real cheese spread like no other.

All we know that cheese spread should be yellow and thick, much like how a puddle of melted cheddar cheese would look. But unfortunately just because it reminds you of cheese, doesn’t mean it really is.  

That’s why this year, the people that brought you Arla milk, cheese slices, and cream cheese spreads now brings you the country’s first real cheese spread, Arla Cheesy Spread. This amazing Cheesy Spread is made from almost 90% milk, Arla Cheesy Spread guarantees consumers that they’re tasting nothing but the honest-to-goodness deliciousness that an authentic cheese product can offer.
Get ready to #GetReal! Here to #LetInTheGoodness with Asia's very first REAL cheese spread, Arla Cheesy Spread, are Real Food Advocates: Danica Sotto – Pingris, Rica Peralejo – Bonifacio, Amanda Griffin – Jacob, Chef Gino Gonzalez, Chef China Cojuangco - Gonzalez with Arla’s Senior General Manager for Philippines, Vietnam & Thailand Jens Christian Krogh Nielsen and Arla’s Marketing Director Paolo Serrano.
#LetInTheGoodness with Arla Cheesy Spread

From looks alone, we can see that Arla Cheesy Spread is different - a very good different. Its natural white is the result of the purity of the cow’s milk used and the lack of coloring agents. Its flavor, on the other hand, is a delicate marriage of mild salty and milky tastes, making it easy to pair with practically any food. 

With just five ingredients in each bottle, this is as close to natural as we can get with a cheese spread. And since Arla Cheesy Spread is a real food, it doesn’t just deliver on taste and texture, it also holistically nourishes. 

Quick and easy doesn’t need to equate to empty calories. Arla Cheesy Spread is the right balance of convenience, taste, and nutrition. No matter if it is enjoyed on plain white bread or as a sauce to a hearty meal - Arla Cheesy Spread makes it easy for everyone to #LetInTheGoodness.

So next time the urge to indulge in cheesy goodness, grab ARLA CHEESY SPREAD and be bring this goodness to your family.

Absolutely healthy and perfect partner to your food trip recipe : )