Sunday, October 4, 2015


Life is lots of wonderful and mysterious story and each of us can be a writer of our own journey to inspire, to motivate, to share knowledge to others and the most important is exploring life. Blogging is very challenging experience for me, because my blog page is just new and I am not a good writer in terms of using English vocabulary words and sometimes I steel keep using TAGLISH words to express myself in my article. I know the effect of this pero ang gusto ko ay lumabas ang tunay na ako kung paano ako magsulat. : )

Being part of this prestigious event is a great honor for me to be qualified blogs in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2015 Writing Project, I can't believe for my blog achievement that I got 20,000 + viewers even though I am just new in the blogging community since March 2015. As what I said kahit hindi ako makapasok sa top 10, for me it's a great achievement na nakikta ko na may mga tao na naniniwala sa aking kakayahan.


1. ALL ABOUT JAMESEPP - My blog is all about the things or stories happen to me, but the main focus of my blog is Sports and Healthy Lifestyle. I know this is not perfect enough but soon I will promised to my readers that this blog will be fabulous. 

2. ASA PINAS EH! - This blog is anything and everything under the sun. Its topic mainly in topics trending in the Philippines. What’s Hot or What’s Not? Providing you an existential outlook and updates about a certain issue of our country.

3. BAKEDHOVEN - This blog purpose is to encourage everybody especially moms to become the best in their kitchen.

4. DANCE PH - This blog purpose is to inspire and share stories about dancing.

5. MARK MY NAME - This blog is all about his adventure in life, travel, foods and more.

6. HEY, IT'S CHEL - This Blog is a lifestyle and travel blog, where she writes about her all life experiences, travelling, reviews and anything in between.

7. TAKE OFF PHILIPPINES- This blog is a Travel, Food and Social Events Capturing the wonders of Philippines. Experience the pleasure to TRAVEL to a new and exciting places, to EAT from the yummiest to the unusual food haven and to DISCOVER interactive events and activities you should try into.

8. RIZA RELLEVE -  This blog is about her fashion and modeling adventures. She created this blog to inspire others and to meet new great friends.

9. OUR TRAVEL DATES - A Philippines LGBT couple travel blog who have traveled to so many places. This blog is rich content and a must check before visiting your desire place.

10. RUNNER ROCKY - This blog is all abut his personal experiences in different marathons and sports even the beautiful places where I run.

Everyone deserve on the spot, especially for your favorite blogger site. If you have your own entry kindly visit